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VL 245.78

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Max suction capacity, cfm: 245.0
Max pressure, inch H2O: 78.4
Max vacuum, inch H2O: -68.3
Number of stages: 1
Rated power, HP: 3.47

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  • Premium Efficiency motor
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Techical spesification

Max suction capacity, cfm: 245.0
Max pressure, inch H2O: 78.4
Max vacuum, inch H2O: -68.3
Number of stages: 1
Rated power, HP: 3.47
Electric supply, Phase: 3
Sound pressure level, dB(A): 73
Dimentions LxWxH, Inch: 14.6x14.2x14.4
Connections, Inch: G2
Weight, lbs: 64


The VL 245.78 regenerative blower is a highly efficient and powerful model that excels in various industrial applications. With a maximum suction capacity of 245.0 cubic feet per minute (cfm), it can handle large volumes of air flow. Its maximum pressure rating of 78.4 inches of water column (H2O) and maximum vacuum rating of -68.3 inches of water column (H2O) make it ideal for high-pressure and high-vacuum air delivery applications.

The VL 245.78 regenerative blower is designed with one stage, providing excellent performance and efficiency. It is equipped with a 3.47 horsepower (HP) motor, providing sufficient power for demanding applications. The electric supply is designed for three-phase operation, ensuring stable and reliable performance in industrial settings.

One outstanding feature of the VL 245.78 blower is its compact size, with dimensions of 14.6 inches in length, 14.2 inches in width, and 14.4 inches in height. This small footprint makes it an ideal choice for installations with limited space availability. It is also relatively lightweight, weighing only 64 pounds, making it easy to handle and install.

The VL 245.78 regenerative blower features G2 connections, allowing for easy integration into existing systems. It is designed with a sound pressure level of 73 decibels (dB(A)), which ensures quiet operation in industrial environments.

Overall, the VL 245.78 regenerative blower is a reliable and efficient solution for applications that require high-performance air movement. Its compact size, lightweight design, and powerful performance make it an adaptable choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

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