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Safety valve SVM 1.14

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Pressure difference, inch H2O: 120 - 240
Operating principle: Self-acting, spring
Connection, Inch: G1 ¼
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Techical spesification

Pressure difference, inch H2O: 120 - 240
Connection, inch: G1 ¼
Operating principle: Self-acting, spring


The SFM 1.14 self-acting spring safety valve is a vital safety device used to protect regenerative blower systems from overpressure or vacuum conditions. This valve is designed to operate automatically without the need for external control or power, making it a reliable safety solution.

The valve is manually adjustable to the desired actuation pressure and has a range of 120 to 240 inches of water (inH2O), making it suitable for various applications. The valve is connected to the system via a tee fitting, and it can be installed on both the pressure and vacuum lines.

The self-acting spring safety valve is an essential component of regenerative blower systems, ensuring that the system operates within safe pressure or vacuum limits, preventing equipment damage and personnel injury.

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