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Compressor filter CF 4

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Degree of filtration, µm: 50
Connection, Inch: G4
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Degree of filtration, µm: 50
Connection, Inch: G4


The CF 4 air filter is a high-quality filter designed to protect the working body of regenerative blowers from solid particles during operation in compressor mode. Constructed in an open type cylindrical shape, this filter features a mesh with small cells to ensure efficient filtration of particles up to 50 µm.

The CF 4 air filter boasts a simple and durable design, making it easy to maintain and ensuring long-lasting protection for your blower. The filter can be flushed and blown with compressed air to remove any accumulated particles, further extending its lifespan.

With a connection size of G4 inch, this air filter is easy to install on your regenerative blower. Protect your investment and ensure optimal performance with the CF 4 air filter, a reliable and effective solution for protection against the ingress of solid particles into the working body of your blower.

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