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If you're looking to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your regenerative blower system, using high-quality accessories is crucial. Our catalog page for regenerative blower accessories offers a range of specialized accessories designed to improve the performance and safety of your system. With our selection of inlet filters, pressure relief valves, and vibration pads, you can enhance the longevity of your system and reduce the risk of damage or failure.

Regenerative blower can be used as a compressor or as a vacuum pump. Regenerative blower can be used as a compressor or as a vacuum pump. In each two case the connecting method is different.

Compressor type connection

  1. Inlet filter CF
  2. Pressure relief safety valve
  3. Starting valve (optional)

Inlet compressor filter

The compressor filter is designed to pass atmospheric air through itself before it reaches the regenerative blower. This filter ensures that the air entering the system is free of dust, dirt, and other contaminants that can cause damage to the system. The compressor filter comes in two types: open (CF) and closed (CCF). The open type features an external metal mesh that traps large particles and debris, while the closed type uses a replaceable filter element for improved outdoor performance.

Pressure relief safety valve

The pressure relief valve is an essential safety feature that protects your system from damage due to overpressure. It works by automatically releasing excess pressure from the system when the pressure exceeds the set limit. This helps prevent damage to the blower and other components, ensuring that your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

SV valve is self-acting, spring-loaded, and manually adjustable to ensure that it is set to a pressure that is not higher than the maximum allowable overpressure of the blower.

Starting valve

The starting valve is necessary to start the blower without load. At startup, the valve is open until the blower heats up, after which it closes smoothly and the system goes into operation. This method of starting eliminates pressure surges in the system and prolongs the service life of the blower.

Vacuum type connection

  1. Vacuum safety valve
  2. Inlet vacuum filter VF
  3. Starting valve (optional)

Inlet vacuum filter

A vacuum filter on the suction side also protects the system from solid particles and dust. Unlike the compressor filter, this model has an input and output connection. It is connected to the input connection to the system, and to the output connection to the blower. A replaceable filter element is installed in the metal housing.
The inlet filter is a must-have accessory for the correct and safe operation of the blower.

Vacuum safety valve

The vacuum safety valve is used to protect the blower from going beyond the calculated vacuum values. When the pressure in the system falls below the permissible level, not enough fresh air enters the blower body to cool it. In this case, the blower overheats and can quickly fail. The safety valve prevents this phenomenon. If the resolution is too high, it opens and lets fresh air into the system for cooling.

A vacuum safety valve is similar to a pressure relief safety valve except that it must be installed upside down and on the suction pipe.

Starting valve

The starting valve performs the same function as in the compressor connection, only it must be installed on the suction pipe

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